Individual Coaching


A four week intensive course for beginner to intermediate swimmers

If you are a new swimmer, or hoping to improve your efficiency in the water for the season, now is the time to adjust and refine your stroke! Join us for a four week "back-to-basics" review of the freestyle swim stroke where we will discuss and implement effective body position, proper kick and stroke mechanics, efficient breathing practices and more. At Playtri we have worked for almost two decades to develop a freestyle training approach that is specifically designed to make athletes successful in the open water. Training will take place at Clayview Country Club located in Liberty, MO.

Dates and Times:
4 weeks beginning August 28th- September 18th

6:00-7:00 pm

Cost: $175

Sign Up: In store or email

*For the duration of the Swim Foundations Class, athletes may attend any coached open water swim sessions.